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Prayer Requests

Prayer list

for Praise, Safety, Provision, Guidance, Physical, Spiritual & Emotional Healing

The Family of David Nidever, Mary Wheeler, Joyce Eggleston, Henny Stolzenburg, Tommie, Pastor Gilbert Moore, Pastor Glen and Joan Carlson, The Family of Bob Raines, David Frostad, The Family of Joyce Johnsen, Mary Taylor, Bob Vouga, Lenny LaVache, The Family of Gene Allen, Steve Dwight, Paul, The Family of Bob O’Berg, The Family of Darlene Flory, Larry McGraw, Margaret Barbosa, Jan Long, Cece, Leah Cleveland, Norma White, Dick Vouga, his wife Elaine & family, Jo Kraskin, Bruce Tweitmann, Jennifer, Chanda Maroney, The Family of Ben, Aida Chavez, Sarah Woodrum, Gwenn Hefley, The Family of Linda Towles, Shannon, Kenny Palsis, Family and friends of Hannelore Linson, Casey Knight, Mildred Anderson, The Family of Phyllis Raines, Aldene Gaboury, Roxanne, Glenn, The Family of Sam White, Pastor Glen and Joan Carlson, Laura Bugey, The Family of James Anderson, Diane Teague, Roxann Davis, Dave Belding, Maxine Thuestad, Karla Kniss, Jackie Graves, Cassie Merwin, Pam Bevington, Karen Quane, Paul, Inger and Tom Keyes, Valerie Finch, Josiah Ditty, Bartholomew Wilson, Kristina Rutherford, Liam, Glenn, Carole Ryan, Gil, Anne Van Genderen, Susie Berg, Crystal Orr, Lee and Katie Humerian and the Josiah Ventures Missionaries in Ukraine, Carrol Ann Perkins, Janice Poindexter, Richard Keightley, The Quane and Hankins family, Dennis Klevos, Norah Reilly, Harry Graves, Tim, Steve Quirk, Lillian Van Epps, Andrea and Evan Finch.

For those with cancer

KaLai Niino, Juli Woodward, Marnie Urich, Shannon, Anita Clements, Cooie Dampman, Mark Ganoe, Ingrid, Traci Coffman, Bonnie Olson, Delilah Lewis, Sally Geiger, Shahin, Bobbie, Nancy Noonan, Stella Albright, June, Kay Schindler, Beverly Borra, Tat Wong, Julie Winters, Rob Askegaard, Karen Zaptiff, Alice Toppen, Joan Carlson, LeAnn Milam, Bruce Smith, Wayne "Marty" Martin, Rosemary, Michael Borriello, Lucie Peralto-Ortega, Staci, Sheri Styles, Richard Mercer, Chloe Rott, Edward Lloyd, Nancy Fowler, Sheri Rawlins, Joel Davis, Steve Thompson, Steve Peters, Quinn Blake, Bob O'Berg, Dennis Klevos, Rick Rennard, Pastor Glen Carlson, Steve Quirk, Alice Hampton, Karen Quane, Jan Stolzenbug, Hank Asmussen, Susie Webb, Jan Poindexter, Bob Raines, Lori Dwight, Bernice Burton, Kim Livengood, Carole Ryan, and Bill Schlosser who have or are recovering from cancer. Pray for stregnth and complete healing.

For Those With Ongoing Prayer Concerns

Aja Howard, Joel Calcagno, Lucille Homer, Gene Cursator, Cindy Harner, Ashley Harner, Derek Totaro, Mike Wittick, Heike Steers, Roxanne Marquis, Gloria Pica, Lori Felling, Jodi, Edward Lloyd, Sheri Rawlins, Jack Bulaich, Kimberly Siero, Johnmark Adair, Amber DeGuise, Kaya Chaffins, June Welton, Ted Anderson, Tom Higley, Loretta McKinney, Robin Johnsen, Jane Nelson, Kanston Kenny Palsis, Diane Teague, Curt Norman, Lori Norman, Julia Norman, Carol Long, Debbie Worthy, Liam Jack Brudage, Benjamin Rutherford, Clemons Family, Gene Allen, Anthony Hockman, Crystal Orr, Jason Morris, Pete Young, Gwen Howard, Jim Trunick, Casey Knight, and Roxann Davis. The Lord knows their needs for spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.

For Pastors, Staff, and Volunteers at Grace

Please pray for Pastor Chris and Pastor Marv, and the staff and volunteers at Grace. Pray also for their families' comfort, health, and strength. Pray that each one can continue to speak the truth in love, experience patience and seek God's guidance in all decisions, duties and commitments.

For Police Officers, Firefighters, CHP, Sherriffs, First Responders and Healthcare Workers

Please pray for the safety of all police officers and firefighters throughout the nation. Pray that they will be able to safely carry out their jobs.

For Those Serving Our Country in the Military and Supportive Services

Please pray for military members for their safety, and to experience our Father's comfort and love during their stressful and uncertain assignments. Please pray special prayers for those connected to Grace: Kevin Steck, Kenneth Etheridge, Devin Dupree, Joshua Johnson, Anthony Cordad, Ryan Meader, Mark Kampa, Nick Christianson, Bobby Guzman, Josh Burck, Rebekah Nelson, Lt. Commander Jason Neubauer, Eben Kaaua, Bryan Morse, Rhonda McCulley, David Durant, Anthony Peterson, Joey Butttitta-Furnaro, Roland (Al) and Veronica Duran, Leah Simko, Christopher Skresvig, Jorge Parra Jr., Parker Reynolds, Cole Eldridge, Kelley and Matthew Hite, and Cooper Tackett.

Request Prayer

Please let us know anything you'd like us to pray for.

Who is this request for?

We'll be praying.

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